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This page contains links to both internal (WAGDA) and external webpages dealing with data which generally covers all of Washington State.

Need some basic Washington basemap layers? Try either the WA Dept of Ecology or the WA Office of Financial Management.

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Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project
Data and Documentation
Data Link meta data Dataset File Size File Date
Download   Geospatial Methodology used in the PSNERP Comprehensive Change Analysis of Puget Sound 11.2 MB 02/2012
Download   Hood Canal Sub Basin PSNERP Database 35.9 MB 02/2012
Download   South Puget Sound Sub Basin PSNERP Database 70.9 MB 02/2012
Download   North Central Puget Sound Sub Basin PSNERP Database 18.2 MB 02/2012
Download   Strait of Juan de Fuca Sub Basin PSNERP Database 30.1 MB 02/2012
Download   San Juan Island / Georgia Strait Sub Basin PSNERP Database 67.7 MB 02/2012
Download   Whidbey Basin Sub Basin PSNERP Database 105.3 MB 02/2012
Download   South Central Sub Basin PSNERP Database 98.6 MB 02/2012
Download   Puget Sound Basin PSNERP Database 402 MB 02/2012

Digital Raster Graphics