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1990 STF3 Geodatabases now available
Posted January 15, 2008

The Census Geodatabases on WAGDA now include the social and economic data from the 1990 Census (STF3). This geodatabase joins the 100% data from 1990 (STF1) and similar data from the 2000 Census (SF1 and SF3) for the six Puget Sound Counties and for selected statewide geographies. Geographic files and attribute data are combined in a MSAccess database and ready for visualization and analysis. Documentation is provided to guide your use of these files.

Sound Transit Data now available to UW users
Posted Nov 28, 2007

Data layers created for Sound Transit light rail and express bus routes, stops, and capital improvements are now available. Links to the data can be found under relevant Washington State county (King, Pierce & Snohomish) and city (Seattle & Tacoma) sections of the website.

1990 Census Geodatabases
Posted Aug 28, 2007

WAGDA Census geodatabases for the six Puget Sound counties and Washington State are now available for STF1A and STF1B data from the 1990 Census. Each geodatabase contains: the 100% count data down to the block group level (STF1A), the subset of the 100% count data that is available at the block level (STF1B), and boundaries for blocks, block groups, and tracts (for the county geodbs) and counties, tracts, places, and metro areas (for the state-level geodb). The geodatabases and reference guides can be downloaded, along with our 2000 Census geodbs, from our geodatabase download page. There are a number of differences between the 1990 and 2000 Census in terms of the database construction and available variables and summary levels. Consult our 1990 Census Geodatabase information page to learn the differences.

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3
Posted Aug 1, 2007

ESRI has just released a new service pack, Service Pack 3, for ArcGIS 9.2. It contains a number of performance improvements and maintenance fixes for a number of bugs. Download it from their Service Pack 3 page.

Washington State Geology Dataset
Posted Aug 1, 2007

This 1:100,000-scale dataset was produced by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Earth Resources, between 1998 and 2000 and includes detailed geologic layers for each of the USGS quadrangles in Washington. This data was available on the old WAGDA site (pre-2006) and is now being made available again. We have converted all of the data from the pre-version 7 ArcInfo coverages (which are not accessible in ArcGIS Desktop 9) to shapefile format and have projected the layers in their original form - NAD27 WA State Plane South. Read the original narrative metadata for more information, and visit the Digital Geologic Data page to download the data.

WAGDA FAQs and Tutorials Updated
Posted July 16, 2007

A number of new tutorials and resources are now available on WAGDA's FAQ page, including:

In addition, all of the information on the Tutorials page has been consolidated with the resources on the Frequently Asked Questions page, so that the FAQ page is now the sole source for this information. FAQs 20 through 27 contain new, updated info. In addition, a simple list of all of the tutorials hosted on WAGDA is now available on the site index, under the GIS-Help, FAQ listing.

Western States GIS Data
Posted July 2, 2007

We have created a new page to specifically host links and information about datasets for individual western states, specifically: Alaska, California, Idaho, and Oregon. The information for Oregon that was formerly hosted on the US data page is now being hosted on the western state page.

City of Shoreline Data Now Available
Posted June 2007

WAGDA is now pleased to provide GIS datasets for the City of Shoreline from 2007 to UW students, faculty, and staff. You can request either individual shapefiles or a geodatabase that contains most of the layers. We can place files by request on our FTP site for download, or you can visit the Map Collection and copy layers from the City of Shoreline DVD. Visit the online index of available Shoreline datasets for more information.

City of Seattle Data Now Updated
Posted June 2007

The City of Seattle GIS datasets hosted by WAGDA have been updated based on the City's most current GIS data CD-ROM for April 2007, and are available to UW students, faculty, and staff. Most of the pre-existing datasets have been updated, and we have significantly re-organized the page to make the data easier to browse through. Older datasets that have not been updated in quite some time have been moved to an older data section (if they are still actively downloaded) or have been removed (but are still available from the library on CD). NOTE - data was updated on June 5th so that each shapefile has a defined projection.