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Courses in GIS and related fields offered at the University of Washington

Department websites will provide additional information about the programs in which these courses are offered and the faculty instructors. To determine which courses are being offered in which academic quarter, use the appropriate campus's Time Schedule. The Course Evaluation Catalog provides student ratings of courses gathered through the Instructional Assessment System during the previous calendar year.

Department Course Number
Anthropology / Archaeology ARCHY 403 The Archaeology of Landscapes
Geography Geog 245 Geographic Perspectives on U.S. Population Diversity
  Geog 258 Maps and GIS
  Geog 360 Principles of GIS Mapping
  Geog 367 Economic Uses of Geographic Information
  Geog 458 Map Sources and Errors
  Geog 460 Geographic Information Systems Analysis
  Geog 461  Urban Geographic Information Systems
  Geog 462 Coastal Geographic Information Systems
  Geog 463  Geographic Information Systems Workshop
  Geog 465  Analytical Cartography
  Geog 520  Research Seminar in Geographic Information Representation
  Master of Geographic Information Systems: Sustainability Management online program  
Civil & Environmental Engineering CEE 316  Surveying Engineering
  CEE 418 Computer-Aided Planning of Urban Systems
  CEE 424  GIS for Civil Engineers
College of Forest Resources

ESRM 250

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems in Forest Resources
  ESRM 430 Aerial Photos/Remote Sensing Natural Resources
  ESRM 441 Landscape Ecology
  CFR 520 Geographic Information Systems in Forest Resources
College of Architecture & Urban Planning URBDP 422  Urban and Regional Geospatial Analysis


Urban Development and Spatial Structure
  URBDP 467  Urban Planning Uses of Remote Sensing
  URBDP 468 Land Use From Satellite Data
Earth & Space Sciences ESS 421 Introduction to Geological Remote Sensing
  ESS 422 Intermediate Spectral Remote Sensing
  ESS 521 Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Climate System
School of Oceanography Ocean 502 Spatial information Technologies in Ecosystem Sciences
UW Online Learning URBDP 302 Geographic Information Systems Fundamentals
UW Extension Certificate Program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  
UW Tacoma Urban Studies Program GIS Certificate

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