Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery hosted by UW departmental servers and links to additional resources are provided.


Satellite Imagery hosted by WAGDA & other departmental servers at the University of Washington

Approximate Resolution

WA 2000 Landsat TM (available online and on CDROM )

see metadata and scene index provided at online site, courtesy of CFR Rural Technology Institute
2000 pixel size 14.25m 1990 pixel size 28.5m
Near global coverage - excludes the poles.
UTM Projection and WGS84 Datum (2000 = 1999-2003; 1990 = 1988-1992). Download site organized by filename. Use the indexes to identify tile number(s) for your area of interest.
NASA Landsat data collection, NLDC : [Olympic Peninsula] 1984-1988 (also on digital cassette tape & CD-ROM in Map Collection)   A compilation of Landsat multispectral scanner (MSS) scenes and Landsat thematic mapper (TM) scenes ... These data have been processed to Level-1 (systematic geometric and radiometric corrections), and the processing parameters (projection, resampling method, pixel size) varied depending on what the investigator specified at the time of the data purchase

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 30 arc second (Version 1)

30 arc second
(approx 1km)
Global DEM made from SRTM and GTOPO30 This is version 1. Version 2 is at NASA.

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)

3 arc second
(approx 90m)
Covers the World from Latitude 57 South - 61 North, .bil file format, Geo WGS84


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