This tool is designed to help you determine whether or not the Map Collection, University of Washington Libraries has air photos for your place and time period of interest. To view and make reproductions of the air photos you must visit the Map Collection. Our hours and location are provided on our website( http://www.lib.washington.edu/maps/

Aerial Photo Projects: Approximate Coverage Areas

The areas highlighted on this map show the approximate boundaries for the air photo projects held in the University of Washington Libraries Map Collection. This tool is intended to help you determine the likelihood that there are air photos available for your area and time period of interest. To determine whether photos are available for your exact area of interest, you must examine the photos on-site. We are not able to provide services to identify and reproduce air photos for people who cannot come to our collection. We hope that this tool will help you determine whether a trip to our collection is worthwhile.
For the majority of each area represented on the map, we are very confident that there are air photos in our collection. However, our confidence about the availability of air photos is weaker for those areas at the edges of each polygon displayed.


The coverage areas shown on this online map were drawn using GIS software based upon visual examination of the detailed flight line indexes. Many of our flight line indexes lay the information about individual air photos onto accurate maps. However, several of our flight line indexes are photo mosaic images or handmade maps, created by visual comparison of the photos to topographic maps. In these instances the accuracy of the coverage area as represented on the flight line index is an approximation. Putting these approximated coverage areas into an online tool which allows us to pinpoint precise latitude/longitude coordinates, or township/range locations, implies an accuracy which does not exist.

UW Map Library Contact Info

Matt Parsons
Geospatial Data and Maps Librarian
Acting Head, Map Collection
University of Washington Libraries
Phone: 206-543-2725

Aerials Photo Finder Technical Contact

Allison Anderson
GIS Infrastructure and Support Specialist
University of Washington Libraries
Phone: 206-685-4709

Map Navigation:

Click-and-drag on the map to pan, or use your mouse wheel to zoom in/out. You may also use the slider, zoom and pan controls to move around the map. Double-clicking on an area will also zoom in. If you hold down the Shift Keyand drag a box on the map, it will zoom into the area drawn.

Entering a key word or year in the box at the top-right will search our records for aerial photos and return a list at the bottom of the page.

Click the Zoom to regionbutton to zoom to the initial map extent.

Viewing Aerial Photo Information:

Use the select icon from the tool bar to select an area to search; the results will appear in the table and the general coverage will be drawn on the map.

You can also search for photo collections by entering a keyword, place name or year in the text box at the top of the page and clicking the orange search button

Once you have selected or searched for a photo collection, the reults will be shown on the map and in the table at the bottom of the page. You can click on the feature in the map to get information about that photo collection.

Click on the magnifying glass in your row of interest zoom to that selected photo flight.

Click the page icon to open a PDF of the scanned image of the photo flight lines.

Click on the check box to show or hide an image of the photo flight lines.

Use the "Clear" icon in the tool bar to clear any loaded images and tabular results.